According to a recent poll conducted by Statista, there are 2.6 million apps available in the Google Play Store. Finding the top android applications is a difficult undertaking due to the enormous quantity of these apps available. If you’re serious about improving your Android app’s overall experience, then this post will be quite helpful. So, let’s take a look at some of the top Android apps available right now.

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Here’s a rundown of Android apps, along with a brief summary of the features and benefits that each one offers. Let’s sort these apps into the several functional categories accessible on the Play Store:


Another section of the PlayStore is dedicated to the user’s customisation options. As a result, under this topic, a list of these applications has been provided:

1.      ZEDGE:

It is an application that allows you to personalise your phone’s sound and graphic aspects. You may pick your favourite ringtone, change the alarm tone, find the perfect wallpaper, and even change the tone for general notifications.

If you frequently change the themes on your mobile phones, this application might meet your needs. With this Android application, you may find season-specific themes for your phone, giving it a new look. As a result, you’ll be able to get the most out of a special occasion or season. All of these themes, however, will not be free, and you will have to pay app fees to obtain them.

2.      SWIFTKEY:

This app, like most others, offers some free features as well as a few in-app purchase choices. What exactly can this application do? It’s a third-party keyboard that allows you to customise your experience while utilising your drive’s keyboard. It may give you with gesture typing, library synchronisation across various devices, and language support in multiple languages. All of these features are available for no cost. The ability to change the application’s theme and backdrop to make it look nicer while in use is one of the premium features.

3.      THEMES:

This is one of the greatest Android apps for customising your smartphone. Originals are available to make your phone look better cosmetically and functionally. The lock screen layouts, backgrounds, and programme icons are only a few of the features offered by this software. This Themes programme for Android smartphones also allows you to customise your phone in all other dimensions.


If you like the colour black, this software may be the best customisation app you’ll find. It has a dark background with a lovely piece of art on the front. So, whether it’s your wallpaper or your lock screen, you can quickly customise your phone using this software.


It is, as the name implies, an application that allows you to completely personalise your keyboard. Some of the benefits of this android application that you may enjoy include the ability to personalise the keyboard with your favourite picture, the existence of a number of new emojis, and the availability of numerous fonts for talking.


This category of android apps includes some of the apps that can provide you with live streaming possibilities. Take a look at the alternatives below to learn more about them:

1.      YOUTUBE:

YouTube is another app that is at the top of the best android apps list. With this application installed on your Android phone, you may watch any type of video online. The exception is that it works on the Android platform, and it allows you to quickly find the stuff you’re looking for.

The search algorithms have been tailored for Android devices, so you won’t have any problems utilising it on your phone. Furthermore, other features such as downloading videos and receiving notifications for new videos work flawlessly, making it an all-around useful software.

2.      SOUND CLOUD:

It is a free programme that allows you to listen to music indefinitely. You may use the app to choose your favourite music, listen to it, and even make your own playlists. Another essential feature that this application offers users is the ability to search for numerous versions of a single music track, so if the first selection isn’t what you’re looking for, you can always switch to the other options available. It is completely free, so you may take advantage of all of these features without having to pay anything to the creator.

3.      NETFLIX:

Netflix is one of the most popular live streaming apps. It can give you unique access to all of your favourite dramas, movies, and shows in one convenient location. All of the programmes offered to viewers through this application are unique and cannot be obtained anywhere else; the users hold this application in high regard. You, too, may be a member of the Netflix family. If you want to test out Netflix’s services for free, go to their website or download the Netflix programme immediately.

If you already have a Netflix account, you can sign in with your credentials by downloading the Netflix app from the PlayStore. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of acquiring a new customer not possible through the mobile application. You must provide the details and choose the package that you want to subscribe to in order to get the access.


In just a few clicks, you can make your own beats using this software. You can also use this programme to make new music or to emulate the sounds and beats of existing songs. Then you may play it directly from this programme, and you can enjoy the prepared sounds and beats.


This programme ensures that you can watch BBC broadcasts online. With this application, you won’t have to stick to the program’s schedule; instead, you’ll be able to catch up on your favourite shows whenever it’s convenient for you. You can even use this app when you are not connected to the internet. The podcasts can be listened to without an internet connection.


The following applications can be considered as strategies to increase overall performance:


Google Drive is another app that might be featured in the top 10 Android apps list. You can access all of your shared and stored files on the go. You may even use your mobile phones to upload new products or delete current ones using the app. As a result, it functions properly and fully on both the desktop and mobile platforms.

It gives you a convenient storage area where you can keep your data safe and conveniently available whenever and whenever you need them. Managing the files on the drive, on the other hand, would necessitate a constant internet connection. You can see the already loaded version of the files but not the updated ones if you don’t have access to the internet.

2.      WAY OF LIFE:

A healthy physique is one of the most important factors in productivity. “Way of life” is an important application for managing your habits and ensuring adequate attention to your health. It allows Android users to keep track of their food and drink intake, exercise and mediation, and other personalised duties. This fantastic tool allows you to take notes and track your progress over time.

3.      SPIN ME:

Do you have trouble getting back to work after a nap? Do you allow yourself to squander your most productive time by waking up late? “Spin Me” is a solution to such a dilemma. This wonderful app assists you in getting out of bed on time. It functions as an alarm, but you can’t turn it off unless you follow the application’s spinning directions. The main goal of such an app is to force you to get up according to your schedule.

4.      TRELLO:

Trello is a digital board where you can keep track of your activities and projects. It aids in the organisation of completed, ongoing, and pending tasks. Your boards can also be shared with others. It aids productivity by minimising the amount of time spent on work management and coordination. If you work in a team or manage a small business, this is a must-have application.


Google Calendar is one of the most apparent candidates for a spot on the list of productivity-enhancing apps. Google Calendar not only allows you to schedule chores and activities, but it also assists you in completing them on time by providing you frequent reminders. The nicest part about this software is that it can be combined with other Google apps and that it can be used on both your phone and your computer at the same time.

6.       FOREST:

Mobile phones are a major source of distraction for the majority of us. Forest, a new application, has been launched to deal with this distraction. This programme builds a psychological barrier between you and your phone, limiting your usage. A digital tree begins to grow once you set a timer on this app. If you choose to change the application, the tree will die and you will no longer be able to develop a forest. It makes app users less likely to use their phones, allowing them to focus more on their work. Isn’t it quite intriguing?

7.      EVERNOTE:

EverNote is one of the most significant software that allows you to create notes in a variety of formats. You may simply create notes in a variety of formats with this tool. Images, text, audio, and video are among the forms supported by the programme.

If you have more than one device, this programme provides data synchronisation and connectivity. Furthermore, when it comes to the advantages of using this application, you can expect to have superior organising abilities. You can even have a widget available for this application on Android devices. You can quickly access all of your key notes and data with this widget.


It is a comprehensive Office Suite that includes all Office applications, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and a presentation-making programme. This free programme includes a lot of useful features. You can get a free PDF converter with this application. You can exchange files with other users in the same way. Similarly, WPS Office Suite allows you to encrypt files, ensuring that data security is not a concern when working with or sharing data. If you’re linked to a cloud drive, you may quickly save the documents you create with this app to the cloud.

9.      TICKTICK:

If you need to make a to-do list for your responsibilities, you will undoubtedly come across a variety of possibilities when browsing. TickTick, on the other hand, is one of the better solutions we can suggest. This programme has all of the things that you could want in a to-do list. If you need to conduct a task frequently, you can set reminders or create recurring reminders or tasks. It also allows you to share projects with others or categorise your activity on this app for simple sharing.

This application can also be synchronised with other management applications such as Trello. All you have to do now is create an account explore the various features that this application provides.


Another application for smartphone users is this one. You can share your info between other devices with the aid of this software. You can think of it as an alternative to Bluetooth in terms of understanding its capabilities. However, file sharing is faster than using Bluetooth. Furthermore, it might eliminate the requirement to bring a USB data cord with you for data sharing.


This is a free password manager that you may install on your Android device. You won’t have to remember many passwords for different applications if you use this app. You may anticipate Last Pass to fill in all of the credentials on its own, eliminating the need for you to do so. So, in addition to relieving you of the burden of remembering many passwords, this application assures that you don’t have to waste time filling out the credentials each time.


You can use this application to turn your phone or tablet into a scanner. You may acquire a scanned copy of your documents, images, and other items simply by utilising the device’s camera.


The ability to communicate is crucial to one’s survival. Simple message or calling apps are no longer in high demand, especially since the introduction of smartphones. The following are some of the apps that have taken the place of the phone’s basic messaging and calling functionality.

1.      WHATSAPP:

WhatsApp is one of the greatest messaging apps for Android devices. It may enable you to communicate in a variety of ways. Whatsapp allows all types of files, including text, audio, video, and images, and all of the app’s capabilities are free.

You can use a variety of emojis to communicate yourself in the most effective way imaginable. Furthermore, the ability to respond to a single message makes it easy for users to follow along with the conversation. Audio and video chat services are now available, allowing users to communicate more effectively.

As a user, you do not need to be concerned about the security of your messages because end-to-end encryption is accessible. It’s also simple to create and administer groups This software programme As a result, it is one of the top android apps available for the Android platform.


The Facebook Messenger is another tool that may be used for communication and messaging between individuals and organisations. You can share any form of media, including photographs, movies, links, files, and audios, using this app. The application’s video and voice calling capabilities put it on par with other similar apps on the market.


This app does not require your phone number in order to work. It can be used with a Gmail account. When it comes to the feature, it offers individual and group messaging, as well as audio and video calling options. One of the best things about utilising Google Hangouts is that you can synchronise your Gmail account with all of the other critical apps you’ll need for productive communication.

4.      SNAPCHAT:

This app was created just for sharing a memorable occasion with friends and family. It is now widely regarded as a useful tool for personal and professional communication. All you have to do now is learn how to use this platform effectively, as it does not allow for extensive narrative or excessive description. When utilising this programme, you’ll need to keep things brief and simple.

5.      TWITTER:

Another application in the best android apps for communication category. It’s a tool that allows you to express yourself in a clear and concise manner.


Tik Tok is one of the apps that supports the video format for sending messages. This platform only allows for 60-second samples. You can make your own videos or add music to them to make them more fit for the message you’re trying to get across.


It’s yet another social networking platform that allows users to make one-minute lip-synching music videos. The app’s goal is to assist you in following along with the words while listening to a music. Users can also employ a variety of other functions, such as slowing or speeding up the pace, and other similar possibilities.


The android app’s comics category ensures that you will discover something amusing and interesting to brighten your day. Here is a list of the finest Android apps in the comics area.


You’ll have to devise a jailbreak strategy for one of the characters in this game, so you can imagine how thrilling it will be. To keep your interest in the game strong, the simulations assure that you get the actual situation of the jailbreak experience. To make this game a little more challenging, the prison where your hero has been imprisoned is on an unique high-security level. As a result, you’ll have to be especially cautious in your response.


This is a Google Play Store-listed driving simulation game in the comics category. If you enjoy driving, this application can provide you with challenging but entertaining tracks to practise on. These songs would aid in the creation of the ideal entertainment scenario. Definitely one of the more entertaining applications for car enthusiasts.

3.      WEB COMICS:

Web Comics is one of the sites for reading authentic comics. The highest amount of comics may be found on this platform. As a result, by downloading this Android application, you can find a fun way to pass the time.

4.      SUPER MANGA:

Super Manga is another Android app that can provide you with a variety of comic styles. Apart from the specific category, this programme allows you to quickly obtain information about each of the comics. So, if you’re tired with other entertainment websites and genres, you should give this application a try.


If you enjoy reading comic books on your Android device, the Webtoon series is a must-have. Manga and Manhwa are the two types of comics that you may read for free using this app. This application’s content, or comics, are updated on a daily basis, making it one of the greatest apps accessible for this purpose.


The variety of business apps is unrivalled in any other category of Android apps on the Playstore. However, to give you with the most relevant applications, below are a few examples:

1.      FIVERR:

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can promote your skills and earn a lot of money without having to invest anything. You can become an expert in any of the abilities that can be handled online and then sell those skills to get money. Using Fiverr to outsource work is another an option. You can also find the ideal match for your assignment if you are a buyer seeking for professionals. Take a look at this app, and you’ll see that there are a lot of business options for you.

2.      UPWORK:

Upwork is another key business application. You can sell your services to clients all over the world using Upwork. This forum ensures that buyers and sellers are a perfect match for each other, allowing each party to perform at its best. You can receive all of the forum’s notifications via your mobile phone application. So there’s a slim possibility you’ll miss a notification.


One of the greatest Android apps for beginning a Freelancer business. It can connect you with a variety of freelancers who specialise in various services. Simultaneously, you can acquire projects based on your own skill set. The android application provided by this forum allows you to communicate with your business connections without having to check in from your computer.


For Android users, it can be used as a communication and collaboration tool as well as a business tool. It can give you with a platform to share ideas, files, and information among team members. One of the most essential aspects of this application is that it is not overly formal, limiting team members’ ability to innovate and be creative while also reducing distractions. As a result, you and your team will be able to better coordinate.


It’s a chat application that allows you to communicate with your customers. Although it is identical to the basic WhatsApp messenger, there are some essential additional functions. These include the existence of a corporate profile, communications analytics, and the availability of rapid tools for speedy reaction.


This programme is essential for anyone who needs to learn Microsoft Excel. It includes all of the necessary formulas for creating the entire set of sheets in a single application. Furthermore, it is simple to use, making it simple for Android users to download and use this programme for learning and business purposes.

7.      GRAMMARLY:

It’s a programme that can assist you in bettering your writing abilities. To discover the faults in your text and writing style, simply copy and paste the content into the Grammarly editor. Although it functions perfectly in the Free State, if you upgrade to the premium version, you’ll gain access to additional vocabulary selections as well as the detection of other sophisticated writing errors.

8.      GOOGLE APP:

Google App is one of the most popular applications for Android users. This mobile browser, like its web counterpart, is free to use. With a few finger taps, you may search a limitless quantity of data with amazing accuracy and get the best results. The Google App comes pre-installed on the majority of Android phones.

However, if you have accidentally removed this amazing programme, you can reinstall it from the Play Store. Another key point to remember is that while it’s unlikely that a default app on your phone would be destroyed by accident, it’s possible that it will be deactivated by mistake, in which case you’ll need to enable it to use it again.


A person’s best friend is unquestionably books. However, bringing a book with you wherever you go is no longer as convenient as it once was. However, you now have an android app as an option. There are free books and references that you can obtain in order to keep yourself informed and adapted to new information.


You must always carry a pocket dictionary with you in order to understand the definitions of different words. However, as technology advances, you now have the option of storing a dictionary on your phone rather than a pocket dictionary. As a result, Android users can easily obtain it. Even if you wish to expand your vocabulary, this dictionary is effective and may assist you with rapid word definitions and phrase building.

2.      MEMRISE:

Memrise is one of the most useful apps for Android users. This programme supports a variety of languages and can assist you in learning a variety of languages as well as the vocabulary related with them. The nice part about this software is that it may also assist you in learning those words. Each practise has ten words for you to learn. After you’ve memorised them, you’ll need to complete an exercise to ensure that you remember them. Furthermore, a group exercise for a number of previously completed tasks is designed to provide you the assurance that you understand the terms completely.


Because most of us are unaware of idioms and phrasal verbs, an Android application called Idiom, Slang, and Phrasal Verbs is available. This app has a variety of categories that are organised in different ways. You can search for idioms by alphabetical order or by the terms used in a particular phrase. This makes learning a lot easier, and you’ll be able to utilise more idioms in your language as a result.


Brian Tracy’s book is one of the most well-known novels available in the Android app market. You can learn secrets that you would not have known otherwise by reading this book. The secrets in this book can be applied to your life at any moment, and there is a better chance that success will be a part of your life as well.


This free eBook downloader is unrivalled when it comes to free programmes. With just a few clicks, you can obtain access to over 30000 books. You can use this application to look for books from a variety of sources. Similarly, this software allows you to access books directly from the app and allows for multiple downloads. This application also includes features such as an Epub reader, night mode support, speaker notes, and unique categories for each discipline. It is a must-have for everyone because of all of these qualities.


You can use the beauty app on your Android device, just like you can with everything else. The apps listed below are unquestionably among the year’s top ten Android apps. You should be aware of the following apps:

1.      TROVESKIN:

TroveSkin is one of the top Android apps that can help you out a lot. You may feel as if you’ve found a personal coach for properly managing your skin with this treatment. You can quickly examine and track your skin’s health and many components related with it. Furthermore, this treatment can give you with a variety of healthy skin benefits to assist you in achieving your overall skin objectives.


Skin and Face Care is another vital application that Android smartphone users can utilise. You can expect to find answers for face wrinkles, acne, fair skin, glowing skin, blemishes, and other skin and face problems by utilising this programme.

3.      ICY QUEEN:

This application was intended to deliver a high level of enjoyment to makeup enthusiasts. They have a model doll ready to use. You can choose from three scenarios to create a look for your model. You get access to all of the doll’s makeup supplies, allowing you to give her the look you like. Apart from makeup, the game also includes selecting the appropriate jewellery and clothing for the doll, allowing you to create a complete look.


This software is accessible for Android users and will present them with some of the best skin care suggestions using DIY cures. This app discusses how to make home creams to give your skin a flawless appearance without using any chemicals. As a result, it could be an excellent app for anyone seeking chemical-free and simple skin-care solutions.


GetGorgeous has all of the best beauty advice for the face, hair, hands and feet, and skin. This programme provides users with information on everything from homemade cures to discussions about the use of natural items.


The new reality is symbolised by this category. You may immerse yourself in a situation and experience it firsthand with this selection of applications.


This is an augmented reality racing game. You can well imagine the effect that will have on you. Immerse yourself in the track so that you can get the most out of it. The competition with other players, as well as its availability in single-player mode, fun drifting, and the availability of three different ways to drive automobiles are some of the elements that this android application provides for you.


This programme is based on a fantastic concept. In the virtual world, you’ll have to race against the time, but the influence on your fitness level will be seen in the actual world. It features everything you need to stay inspired during your exercise or workout, whatever you want to name it. You have the option of playing the game in ten different ways. As a result, you won’t become bored after a few days of using the programme.


It’s a simulation game that was previously highly popular on the PC. Its smartphone version is now well-liked by users as well. SIM is a game character that represents you. You can customise it to meet your specific requirements. At the same time, the fundamental crux of this programme is regulating the social behaviours of other characters in the game.


It’s one of the management games that you may play using your cooking skills as well. This simulation game ensures that you’ll be able to manage your time while also purchasing new products and machinery. Overall, this programme can help you make the most of your time.


You can construct the Barbie dream house with this programme, and you can manage the settings of each of the dream house’s rooms with this application. There are also new adventures in the game, ensuring that you have never-ending fun with this simulation game.


This category contains software that allow you to handle portable graphic design on your mobile phone. Here’s a selection of a few apps that might be useful for you.


It includes a lot of features that will enhance your painting experience. With over 160 natural brushes, the ability to create beautiful lines with the help of guides, clipping masks, and a few of options for painting cloning and editing, this software is a great choice for Android users. The nicest feature is that Infinite Painter allows you to export images in a variety of formats.

2.      CANVA:

If you’re serious about graphic design and drawing, you’ve probably heard of Canva. You may use this software to make logos, flyers, banners, and other types of content for social media marketing. It can simply be used to locate the graphic designer who exists within you. Similarly, the Android version of this programme allows you to edit photos and other images. As a result, you can take your drawing board with you everywhere you go.

3.      WORD CLOUD:

Word Cloud is one of the best art and design android applications available. You may use this software to turn common phrases like “good morning” and “good night” into forms like a heart or a rectangle. So that you can communicate the same message in a different method that has a new meaning and is undoubtedly more creative. You may even personalise the message or choose the form based on your preferences with this software.


If you want to plan the interior of a floor, you may use this software since it will walk you through all of the possibilities available to you for arranging your floor in the best possible way. You can create a 3D tour of the full plan and use symbols to indicate certain rooms for different purposes. You can use this application to exercise all of your creative abilities as well as create a plan before you really organise something at a specific location.


If you need to create and design on the go, the Adobe Photoshop for Android app is ideal. You can control a variety of features, such as the usage of different brushes for producing text. Additionally, when using this application, you may flip photographs and crop them to the appropriate size.


Using this tool, you can make videos, pictures, and web pages for free. This programme allows for both online and mobile access.


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