7 Ways How to Grow a Blog in 2022

Practical Strategies to Quickly Grow Your Blog (on a Budget) – 7 Ways How to Grow a Blog in 2022

Learning how to expand a blog is the next step after getting your blog up and running. 

We’ll go over the best techniques to gain more readers, capture email subscribers, and monetize your increasing blog readership on a budget in this definitive guide to growing your blog.

7 ways how to grow a blog in 2022

However, before you can fully concentrate on these blog growth strategies, you must first create a blog.

If you haven’t already done so, go to my step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog and come back here when you’re ready to build your site. Let’s get started if you currently have a blog and are ready to start using proven techniques to grow your audience this year.

7 Ways How to Grow a Blog Quickly (on a Budget) in 2022 – 7 Ways How to Grow a Blog in 2022

  1. Get interviewed on podcasts
  2. Launch a virtual summit
  3. Notify every person (and brand) you mention on your blog
  4. Create highly shareable images
  5. Make sharing your blog content easy.
  6. Target the most active readers and sharers
  7. Diversify your content delivery mediums

Without further delay, let’s get into my best strategies for how to grow a blog in 2022.

1. Get interviewed on podcasts

For several years, I’ve utilised this technique to grow my site, and it’s always worked out well.

Even if you don’t have your own podcast (like me), you may benefit from the growing popularity of podcasts and the need for podcast broadcasters to have interesting guests.

Every day, new shows debut, all ready to provide viewers with unique and relevant information. This implies you have a nearly infinite number of opportunities to be interviewed by a podcast—as long as you have something valuable to say, of course.

Do not, however, wait for podcasts to take notice of you or your story. Each week, contact a few podcast hosts to see if they’d be interested in participating.

2. Launch a virtual summit

While there’s no substitute for being able to meet and talk with people in person, video interviews can help you achieve similar goals (and expand your blog at the same time).

Virtual summits are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for influencers to network with other influencers in their sector while simultaneously showcasing their products to a captive audience.

While hosting a virtual summit takes work, it is a tactic that can pay dividends in terms of leads and publicity. If you’re interested in learning how to hold your own successful virtual summit as a vehicle for marketing, check out my step-by-step guide on how I produced a virtual summit that reached over 20,000 people in only 60 days.

3. Notify every person (and brand) you mention on your blog.

One way to substantially increase your chances of getting your content spread is to mention as many influencers as possible as politely as possible inside your blog article. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways I’ve found to create my site for free over the years, and it only takes a few minutes of your time.

It might be as simple as including a quote from an influencer, citing their story as a case study, or simply referencing one of their publications. The idea is to build a long-term relationship by offering value first (in the form of a link).

You now have a great cause to cold contact the influencer and ask whether your post is appropriate to share with their audience, as long as it is contextual and you have a compelling reason to include them. Remember to make sharing as simple as possible for them (by providing them with easy copy or a link to an existing post that they can re-share).

Even if they don’t end up sharing your content, this is a great method to network with influencers, get on their radar, and plant the seeds for a longer-term relationship.

4. Create highly shareable images

Include shareable photographs into your blog articles as one of the fundamentals of making your content as shareable as possible (and thus increasing your blog traffic). Due to a quirk of human psychology, we are largely visual beings who are significantly more likely to respond to photos and videos than blocks of text.

Use tools like Visme and Canva to create social media-ready images of your blog content.

This is something I do on a daily basis for all of my articles, guides, courses, and podcast episodes to make them more visually appealing and, as a result, more likely to get people to click through when they see my content posted elsewhere online:

To take your blog growth plan to the next level, create pictures pertinent to supporting sections inside your individual blog entries. This may be a simple graph that visually reflects a fact or statistic you just delivered, or it could be a short cartoon or comic strip like this one on the Plan.io blog—ideally, something that complements the aesthetics of your existing blog layout.

Incorporating high-quality images into your blog content will not only make your piece more legible by breaking up long blocks of text, but it will also make the overall item more enjoyable to read and share.

5. Make sharing your blog content easy

The more effort someone must expend to share your content, the less likely they are to do so.

This may sound apparent, but many sites don’t appear to realise it yet, and as a result, they’re passing up crucial opportunities. If you want to grow your blog, make it as easy and painless for your visitors to share your content as possible.

Create pre-written tweets for your audience using programmes like AddThis and ClickToTweet; all they have to do is click the text, and it will instantly share your content with them, as demonstrated below:

“Want your blog readers to share your content? Use tools like @clicktotweet to create one-click share buttons.”

Include social media sharing buttons throughout your content and indicate which hashtags your audience can use to boost the shareability of your material and promote your site.

6. Target the most active readers and sharers

Influencers with millions of followers who haven’t contributed a single piece of original material

They’ve developed a sizable following, though, since their followers know they can always rely on them to post the most recent and relevant material in their niche—and these influential aggregators are a terrific way to extend your site.

One of my favourite methods for getting my content out there is to identify the influencers and then politely ask them to share one of my blog pieces that could be of interest to their audience.

Using a service like Buzzsumo, I can uncover people on Twitter who have both a large number of followers and an audience that is likely to repeat the material (therefore discovering even more users).

All I have to do now is send them a brief tweet or email to let them know that I think they’d enjoy my most recent blog post, give them a convincing (true) reason why, and let them decide whether or not it’s a good fit to share with their group.

7. Diversify your content delivery mediums

Not everyone absorbs content in the same way, whether you like it or not.

Some people enjoy reading long-form articles (hello! ), while others prefer to watch movies or listen to podcasts. The good news is that you don’t have to think of a brand new topic or create any new material to leverage these different types of content to help you improve your blog.

As the word implies, diversifying your content distribution requires modifying a single blog post so that the same topic can be expressed in a different way.

If you’ve already written a long-form essay, consider turning it into a pre-recorded webinar, embeddable video, or podcast episode. Alternatively, if your content has a lot of numbers and information, such as my lesson on how to start a blog, it may be made into an infographic.

Before you begin widening your material, it is critical to consider who your ideal client profile is. If your target audience isn’t on Instagram, it’s futile to convert your blog pieces into Instagram mini-articles. If they do use Instagram, consider how you can boost your results without spending too much time on the platform, such as Instagram automation solutions.


Consider the types of content your target audience like others….

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