RPGs continually present the best opportunity to lose oneself in fantastic worlds and in-depth narratives when it comes to gaming. The genre is known for its captivating characters, compelling sagas, and unexpected story turns.

With better voice acting and visuals, modern technology may have improved immersion, but many older games convey timeless tales that remain relevant decades later.

Here are 20 excellent role-playing games with the best stories, covering a wide range of topics.


There are many positive aspects to Yakuza: Like A Dragon, not the least of which are its amazing characters and interesting story. It’s possible to lose track of the tale for hours at a time in the fantastic backdrop of Yokohama, but it’s a tribute to the plot that it always manages to draw you back in.

Although Like A Dragon is the seventh main Yakuza entry, its fresh cast and story make it the ideal place to start, especially for JRPG fans pining for the good ol’ days of turn-based combat. Unashamedly modelled after Dragon Quest, this has a career structure that will amuse and entertain.

The ability to mix sombre, intricate issues with absurd humour, often minutes apart, is Yakuza’s defining characteristic. Ichiban Kasuga, the main character, may have hit rock bottom as a homeless person in a new place and been left for dead, but soon he finds himself being forced to drink baby milk by grown adults wearing diapers.

There are some absolutely outstanding performances in the final act’s string of emotional, heartbreaking passages. Because it’s a Yakuza game, I chose the Japanese dub, but this in no way lessens the emotional effect. One of the best RPGs this generation is without a doubt Yakuza: Like A Dragon.


By the time Final Fantasy X was released in 2001, the series had clearly hit its stride, but this was the turning point that brought the series – and possibly gaming in general – to a new level of visual fidelity and cinematography.

Tidus’s tale begins in a way that is immediately relatable: he is thrown headfirst into an unknown country where his ignorance is mistaken for lunacy. It transpires that he is a summoner destined to protect the world from the behemoth known as Sin and that he is a thousand years in the future.

Final Fantasy is known for its twists and turns, but Final Fantasy X’s love story stands out as the plot’s most significant feature. While many romances are forced into existence based merely on a male and female protagonist sharing the same story, Tidus and Yuna’s connection develops organically from acquaintances to friends to something deeper. Even the most heartless gamer is likely to shed a tear when they see the iconic “Suteki Da Na” lake scene.

In case you haven’t played it yet, I won’t say anything further other than to say that the game’s ending is one of the most moving ever. It’s time to pick up the remastered version of Final Fantasy X and immerse yourself in the world of Spira if you haven’t yet played it. This is your narrative.


Dragon Quest V : Hand of the Heavenly Bride

Dragon Quest is one of the most well-known RPG series ever, and it has a few rivals for having the best tale. With a story that spans three generations and delivers some huge emotional punches along the way, Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, however, is the game that has a very special place in my heart.

Rarely does a gaming story spend so much time in the many stages of the protagonist’s life. He transitions from a child’s sense of excitement to adult independence and parental responsibilities, each act evoking an own ambiance.

On his trip, the main character deals with a variety of difficulties, from a personal loss to a time spent as a slave. The way he conducts himself, marching resolutely over the globe in pursuit of the next goal, is very motivating, especially on the overworld, whose tune manages to represent this well.
His ability to choose between three potential wives is maybe his biggest test of all. The rest of the story is dramatically affected by the player’s decision. The plot of Dragon Quest V isn’t particularly complex, but that’s part of its appeal because, in the end, family is what matters most.


So the best thing a lover of turn-based ASIA USTAAD can do is to just start playing them. There are no indicators that Trails will slow down. The lore and character list will continue to grow with the release of new games and ports.

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